Leontína Berková


2018  Mixed media


    In the project Spatial studies I develop my previous artistic strategies. I follow my long-standing interest in examining the media of photography. I am looking for its limits, definitions and current limits. I’m creating a space installation where I work with photos, photographic objects, and videos.


    In the project Spatial studies, I concentrate on a work with photography and its relation-

ship to space. I leave the two-dimensional frame of the photography, investigating its relationship to space and sculptural potential. The stimulus for me become restrictions

limiting the photographic medium. Instead of visually captivating scenes, I choose the minimalist motives of ordinary life that stand

on the edge of human perspective packaging materials, transparent architectural elements of the public space ...


    The photography works in its essence with flattening of three-dimensional reality. It captures the spatial abbreviations that our

eye had to learn to perceive. In order to be able to read the illusion of reality displayed on photography, we must have a real experience

with the image. Can we see something in the picture that we have never met in real life? “The way we see things is affected by what we see and what we believe,” has written John Berger in his book Ways of seeing. The static photographic image I actuate by minimalist motion actions. With ingenious gestures I change the reality, examine the viewer’s attention and, at the same time, I make him uncertain in my eyes. I work with the real form of the objects and the illusion at the same time. Instead of complicated tools of photographic post-process, I use sophisticated work with light thanks to which I manipulate the picture. Whether it’s the impact of light rays on objects in the photographic studio, the natural conditions of the exterior, or directly in the gallery installation.


    I work with a photographic material such as sculptural media, by manual interventions I “model” new scenes translating, crunching,

cutting, bending ... I create a kind of visual conundrum that should make the audience to think about where the reality ends and the

illusion begins. I’m thinking about what makes the space illusion from the picture. I work with light as a carrier of this illusion.


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Installation view - Diplomky Maľba/fotografia 2018